Hello and thanks for stopping by, my name is David Wahlman.

Although "photography" is what's in the name, David Wahlman Photography is actually a full-service production company handling everything from commercial and editorial photoshoots to promotional and documentary style video production. Although I'm based Los Angeles (which isn't exactly a hub of outdoor culture) I focus specifically on outdoor, adventure, and active lifestyle industries. One of my greatest joys is the opportunity to get outdoors, go on adventure, and make memories and if my photography and videography can inspire others to do the same, then it's a win in my book. 

Compared to even just a decade ago, the world and culture has altered our interaction with the outdoors drastically. We spend more time with our phones than building actual relationships and more time watching TV shows about the outdoors than actually getting out to witness it for ourself. If I'm being honest, I can sometimes be guilty of this (with awesome shows like Planet Earth, Wild Alaska, Blue Planet, Nat Geo, etc). However, the outdoors has always been a place of joy, solitude, memories, peace and beauty for me and so I keep returning to it and reminding myself of how much I need it my life. In an act to remind an apathetic culture of the value of the outdoors, I use the creative mediums of photography and videography to show them how much there is to see and what they're missing.

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LINK: *Ok, this one isn't actually a link, but I wanted to make a final statement to you.
I'm not a production company of 200 people with an assistant that answers all my emails. If you reach out by phone, email, or contact form, either way you'll talk to me... personally... David Wahlman. And just like you, I'm a human being; I laugh, I cry, I eat food, I binge watch Stranger Things on Netflix, I push myself to get outdoors more, and I run my business day in and day out. I'm not a telemarketer that's trying to trap you into contacting me. Feel free to contact me about anything at all, even if it's a 'dumb question' (which is a dumb thing in the first place) and I'll do my best to answer it to the best of my abilities.
From there, you have the choice to work with me or not; I won't twist your arm, I promise!