Most friends, teachers, and coaches throughout my life just call me "Wahlman", but I am David Wahlman, a life-long outdoorsman and creative. If you just watched the video to the right, you may get a small sampling of my quirky personality, yet my deep appreciation for beauty and nature. If you haven't yet watched the video to the right, you should watch it, then you may get a small sampling of my quirky personality, yet my deep appreciation for beauty and nature... Photography is in the name, but creativity is what I'm after and that can come through in many forms. I enjoy everything from sketching, sculpture, poetry, music, writing, industrial design, architecture, and many more mediums because they are each outlets to creativity and potentially beauty. My favorite mediums, however, are photo and video! Thus, I made the leap to chase a dream I've long had; to make a career out of the things I'm passionate about. Therefore, I am a photographer and video producer.

I live an active lifestyle and sitting too long in a day gives me the wiggles. I wouldn't call myself a coffee connoisseur, but I am a constant coffee consumer (maybe why I get the wiggles). I grew up in Northern California in the mountains near Lassen Volcanic National Park. My dad was essentially a mountain man and I gained most of my outdoor knowledge and lifestyle from him. I love sports and playing sports (any sport), but I don’t actually follow any teams closely, so don't try and hold a conversation about last night's game with me. It will be a very disappointing and one-way conversation and personally, I prefer conversations that are mutually engaging.

Getting people active, whether they're experienced or new, is important to me. We live in a culture where it has become all too easy to be inactive, apathetic, and technology consumed. This is the main reason that I desire to serve industries and clients that promote or are examples of living life to the fullest.


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