(aka: D-wahl, Wally, D-dub, etc.)


Most friends, teachers, and coaches throughout my life just call me "Wahlman", but I am David Wahlman, a life-long outdoorsman and creative. Within my business, I use multiple venues to help outdoor brands and to educate individuals. I'm an outdoor photographer, doing ad campaigns and commercial work for outdoor industries and active lifestyle companies. And I'm an educator, leading workshops in person as well as developing my youtube channel. 

I live an active lifestyle and sitting too long in a day gives me the wiggles. I wouldn't call myself a coffee connoisseur, but I am a constant coffee consumer. I grew up in Northern California in the mountains with my best friend and adventure buddy being half-Wolf and half-Malamute. My dad was essentially a mountain man and I gained most of my outdoor knowledge and lifestyle from him. I love sports and playing sports (any sport), but I don’t actually follow any teams closely.

Getting people outside, whether they're experienced or new, is important to me. We live in a culture where it has become all too easy to be inactive, apathetic, and technology consumed. Each has their place, but I've found that apathy and a stagnate life has no better cure than nature.

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