5 Tips For Taking Pictures of Cars - MGA Photos

 Alright, it's not quite my normal wedding and portrait photography, but I still had fun taking these photos. My dad is trying to sell this MGA and so I offered to take the pictures, because if it involves a camera I knew I'd probably enjoy it. So here's a few photos.This was my first time taking pictures of a car, so I know they're not award winning, but I can offer a few tips for taking pictures of cars (whether I was able to implement them myself or not. lol).

1) Get different angles and perspectives

 - Enough said. If you always take pictures from the same angles you're going to eventually get bored of your own shots. People are used to seeing cars from a standing viewpoint. But the may not have seen it from the ground or from directly above. Get high, get low, get creative.

2) Use a longer lens -

The majority of the time you'll want to use a longer lens. I just said above to get creative, so yes, you can use a fish eye or another wide-angle to get creative. But as a rule, the longer lenses will give you a more accurate account of  the size and lines. A wide angle is going to distort the perspective, but a longer lens will keep it looking in proper perspective.

3) Shoot in Shade if possible -

 I know that my shots have a lot of reflections, but I couldn't really avoid that too much. But even so, the majority of the car was in shade. As a photography rule, we should already understand that shooting in shade is nice because it's more diffused light.

4) Make Sure To Get The Important Angles -

If you're trying to sell a car there are 5 angles you want; from the front, from the back, from both sides, and then one where you capture both front and side (like my first image). Now obviously you want more than just those shots, but they are considered the "must have" shots according to Cars.com.

5) Have Fun! - 

Always have fun. At least, that's my rule. If you're not having fun taking pictures, then... I don't know. But have fun.If you saw these photos on Craigslist, would you look twice? Or, anyone want to buy it? :)





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