SportQuest Promo Video

SportQuest is a sports ministry that asked me to fly out to their Baton Rouge, Louisiana project and take photo and video to create a few videos including a short promotional video. I went expecting to have fun, but I had no clue how well I'd bond with the team and how disappointed I would be to leave them. Great fun, great impact on their local community, and great content resulted. Excited to work with them again!

Crossfit Promo Video

A brief promo video that I created for Crossfit BAM in Whittier, CA. I don't even like working out and watching this makes me want to go to a gym, so hopefully it inspires you to check out your local gym.

Giracci Vinyards Promo Video

Giracci Farms and Vineyards is a local winery and event venue located here in the canyons of Southern California. They asked me to create a video for them as they are about to launch a new AirBnB Experience for people to come tour, see the process, and even make their own wine. Just in shooting, I learned so much about the wine making process that I never knew. 

Coozie Camping Promo Video

Ideal Pet Dog Door Instructional

Coozie Camping is a company that personally blows my mind! I wish I had been the one to think of this, but they do gear rentals for camping except better than everywhere else. First of all, all their gear is quality like you'd rent from an REI or other outdoor store, but they rent it much cheaper for full packages of everything you need for your camp trip. So instead of just renting a tent, sleeping bag, pad, and anything else you need individually, Coozie Camping has full packages of everything. They cover all the basics plus more; tents, sleeping bags, stoves, fuel, hammocks, pads, camp chairs, coolers, utensils, pots and pans, wash basins, lighters, headlamps, battery packs, and more. But wait, it get's better.... they deliver everything to your home and pick up from your home!

I was stoked to get to work with this company and the owners are awesome people! I was initially just doing some photos and raw footage, but I made this little video for them to use just because they're so cool. Not much, but meant to be under a minute so they could use it for social media. Hope it makes you want to go camping! 

Ideal Pet is a company that makes pet doors along with many other pet products. Together with professional dog trainer, Ryan Matthews, we created this short instructional for Ideal Pet. Ryan does a quick how-to video for getting your dog to use a doggie-door, something that most dogs won't naturally want to do. 

FASTSIGNS Franchisee Testimonial - Stan Gray

Terry "UniGeezer" Peterson _ Off-road Unicycling

You thought you'd seen everything cool there is on the internet, but you've overlooked this guy. Terry "UniGeezer" Peterson is a 60+ year old off-road unicycler. Due to a recent hip injury we did a more 'tame' trail on this particular day, but his skill is amazing. Check out his YouTube channel here and his website

Terry as an individual is so much fun to be around. He's always uplifting, making witty statements to commenting passer-byers, making jokes, and simply loving on people. He's currently sponsored by Kris Holm Unicycles,,, and Twin Bikes Shop.

FASTSIGNS International is a company that produces signage varying from standard banners all the way to digital media and large exterior signage. I had the opportunity to do a brief owner testimonial video of FASTSIGNS of Long Beach, a location I've been connected with for the last few years. 

The Handyman

Worth It

Sounds of Nature

A commercial short composed more of audio than video, meant to push people to get outdoors. #OptOutside is the primary hashtag that REI uses to promote the camping and the outdoors.