SportQuest Promo Video

SportQuest is a sports ministry that asked me to fly out to their Baton Rouge, Louisiana project and take photo and video to create a few videos including a short promotional video. I went expecting to have fun, but I had no clue how well I'd bond with the team and how disappointed I would be to leave them. Great fun, great impact on their local community, and great content resulted. Excited to work with them again!

FASTSIGNS Franchisee Testimonial - Stan Gray

FASTSIGNS International is a company that produces signage varying from standard banners all the way to digital media and large exterior signage. I had the opportunity to do a brief owner testimonial video of FASTSIGNS of Long Beach, a location I've been connected with for the last few years. 

Get Outside

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Winter Camping on San Gorgonio _ Adventure VLOG


Off-Broding _ Adventure VLOG


Camping at Joshua Tree _ Adventure VLOG