About My Public Commission


So you've heard the news...

No, you were not deceived, I'm serious. Anyone can refer me to anyone and get a 5% commission. It's as straight forward as that, but I have a few small footnotes about such listed below.

- I'd don't have to know you... you can be a fan, friend, family, stranger, enemy, etc. 
- As is basically the definition of a commission, the client must actually purchase a service or product and carry it out to completion.
- The project must pertain to an outdoor industry, active lifestyle, or product on my site. For example, referring someone to me for a wedding does not earn you a commission. Thanks, but no commission.
- In some instances, I may ask both parties to confirm the referral.
- If you refer someone to me, it is your job to notify me of your referral. If the client lets me know that you referred me, I will get in touch with you. If neither party tells me about the referral, I'm ignorant. I can't know what I don't know.
- Only one person or business can receive the commission per client. Two or more people can not receive a commission for the same client. 
- A repeating customer does not signify a repeating commission. You will receive a commission for the first time you refer a new client to me. If they continue to use my services for the next ten years, you don't get a commission on every project.
- Commission is based on subtotal before tax.
- I want to make paying you easy. I can either send money via online or drop a check in the mail. You will let me know which option is best for you.


If you have any further questions, please let me know. Thanks so much for the referrals, the mean a lot!