David Wahlman Photography offers more than just photography even though it's the only service listed in the name. David Wahlman Photography is a creative service, offering to help you with any creative need you may have. His background also includes graphic design, print production, signage, as well as his main crafts, photo and video production.
He might as well change the name to 'David Wahlman Creative Production Services And Other Cool Stuff', but that might be a bit too long.



One of my first loves, going all the way back to my first 2 megapixel point-and-shoot Kodak when I was in elementary school. It became a hobby, then a college major, and now a career. Needless to say, I don't shoot on a 2 megapixel Kodak any more. Currently I shoot with Nikon pro-bodies and lenses that can be used for everything from landscape photography to commercial photography that needs to be enlarged for large-format advertising.

Although I had some experience with it in the past, I should make it clear that I do not shoot weddings, engagements, or family shots any more (unless you can convince me it pertains to my industry). My focus is now on the outdoor and active lifestyle industries. So what does this look like for you? Well, unless you're an athlete or one-man team, typically my clients are businesses. My photo services are not limited to this example list, but could be as follows:
- Advertising Photography
- Editorial Photography
- Commercial Photography
- Product Photography
- Portrait Photography
- Event and Documentary Photography

Video Production

For me, video didn't become an interest until about Junior High. Come high school, I was able to use it on student council as I was there historian officer in which I would document events and create promotional videos each week that were shown to the student body weekly. With creative freedom, this generally looked like promotional videos me and my friends would create. Sometimes it was dramatic, but more often goofy. Although my equipment and director skills were rudimentary at best, those years still provided great experience and memories for me. Don't ask to see samples though; looking back, I'm too embarrassed to show them.

My video production services are expanding as I grow in knowledge and professional gear, but some examples of possible video services would be as follows:
- Promotional Videos
- Advertising Videos
- Documentary Films
- Interview Footage
- Timelapse Videos
- Event Coverage

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Drone & Aerial

I could have just listed this under Photography and Video Production, but I wanted to list it separate. These days, drone and aerial services can be a stand-along service, capturing both photo stills and video footage. Drone technology these days are incredible and are becoming more available to the public, but hiring a drone operator that can fly safely, still utilizes creative capacities, is registered legally with FAA, and has 'safety-net' insurance policies, is a worthwhile investment.

The potential uses of drone and aerial work are still untapped, but some of the following are possible uses of this service:
- Promotional Videos
- Location Scouting
- Construction
- Real Estate
- Hard to Access places
- Creative angles to mix with other services


"Whereth doth David Wahlman liveth and worketh?" you ask.
I am based in La Mirada, CA which is right on the border of Los Angeles County and Orange County, which are in Southern California, which is in California, which is in the United States, which is in North America, etc...
The key word above is "based" because I do work all over. Yes, much of my work is around Los Angeles, but I also have repeating clients in Northern California where I'm from (Redding, CA) and I've worked as far east as Louisiana. I do also have a passport and there are some potential international projects in the works.

Therefore, I'm based in Los Angeles, but will travel worldwide for clients.